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It is part of the spirit of disseminating knowledge resulting from research and thoughts for the service of the wider community. In addition, it serves as a reference source for academics in Computer Science and Information Technology.</p> <p align="justify">JDMIS publishes papers regularly two times a year, namely in February and August. All publications in JDMIS are open, allowing articles to be freely available online without a subscription.</p> Yayasan Pendidikan Penelitian Pengabdian Algero en-US JDMIS: Journal of Data Mining and Information Systems 2986-5271 <p>Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms:</p> <ol> <li class="show">Authors retain copyright and grant the journal right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/" rel="license">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a> that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgment of the work's authorship and initial publication in this journal.</li> <li class="show">Authors are able to enter into separate, additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution of the journal's published version of the work (e.g., post it to an institutional repository or publish it in a book), with an acknowledgment of its initial publication in this journal.</li> <li class="show">Authors are permitted and encouraged to post their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their website) prior to and during the submission process, as it can lead to productive exchanges, as well as earlier and greater citation of published work (Refer to <a href="http://opcit.eprints.org/oacitation-biblio.html" rel="license">The Effect of Open Access</a>).</li> </ol> Manajemen Layanan Teknologi Informasi Perusahaan Perseroan Menggunakan Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Operation: Literature Review https://journal.yp3a.org/index.php/jdmis/article/view/1611 <p><em>At this time, information technology is growing rapidly in various business fields. To provide good service, IT Service Management is implemented. Service Management can provide value to be implemented by companies, one of which is by implementing the ITIL framework which consists of several services but in this journal will focus on Service Operations. The research method applied is qualitative research which analyzes the data in depth. From the results of the research conducted, it is known that there are several companies that have not implemented Service Operations optimally, even so Service Operations still have a role within the company. The processes contained in Service Operations such as Event Management, Problem Management, Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, and Access Management have an important role so that the systems within the company's companies run according to the goals and wishes of customers, there are implementations made to assess IT service operations which will show the maturity level of existing processes, some create strategies using Customer Relationship Management, some create SOPs using the PDCA method, and some implement Service Operations by improving services.</em></p> Callista Tjonadi Khellyn Viorensa Wijaya Vanesia Roselin Vellyn Natalie Ade Maulana Copyright (c) 2023 Callista Tjonadi, Khellyn Viorensa Wijaya, Vanesia Roselin, Vellyn Natalie, Ade Maulana https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 1 2 56 62 10.54259/jdmis.v1i2.1611 Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Akuntansi Pinjaman Anggota Koperasi Kencana Cirebon https://journal.yp3a.org/index.php/jdmis/article/view/1676 <p><em>One of the activities in the Employee Cooperative is to provide credit loans to its members, in accordance with one of the goals of the Cooperative establishment, namely to provide welfare for members. The purpose of this research is to make a loan accounting application for members of the Kencana Cooperative, Cirebon City. The object of this research is the Kencana Cooperative, which is a cooperative owned by the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) of Cirebon City. Data collection techniques that the author uses in this study are interviews, observation and literature study. Applications made using PHP programming (Hypertext Preprocessor) while for data storage using MySQL database. This research is very useful for the Kencana Cooperative of Cirebon City, because it can produce an accounting application that can be used as an internal control tool in terms of recording loans for cooperative members. This application can record all cooperative employee loan activities. The limitation of this research is that this application has not been able to make financial reports of the Kencana Cooperative, such as the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements. This research can contribute to the author, the Kencana Cooperative and the readers. This research focuses on the field of computerized accounting, so that writers and readers can add insight in the field of computerized accounting</em></p> Safitri Akbari Suwandi Suwandi Turini Turini Willy Eka Septian Copyright (c) 2023 Safitri Akbari, Suwandi Suwandi, Turini Turini, Willy Eka Septian https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 1 2 63 71 10.54259/jdmis.v1i2.1676 Mengetahui Tingkat Kekuatan Karakter Klee pada Game Genshin Impact Menggunakan Metode Klasifikasi dengan Algoritma Naïve Bayes https://journal.yp3a.org/index.php/jdmis/article/view/1710 <p><em>Video games are a form of interactive entertainment played via electronic devices such as computers, game consoles, smartphones, or tablets. Video games usually involve players in a virtual experience where they control characters or objects in the world created in the game. For example, genshin impact is played by many people because it has characteristics and uniqueness in the game, such as the combination of elements in each character, an interesting storyline, and much more. This study aims to assess a character based on the attributes possessed by the character whether it is strong or weak by using the naïve Bayes method. Through the classification carried out, the object to be chosen is a character named Klee to assess whether the character is strong or weak.</em></p> M. Faskal Putra Pratama Copyright (c) 2023 M. Faskal Putra Pratama https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 1 2 72 77 10.54259/jdmis.v1i2.1710 Studi Kasus Asosiasi Pembelian Produk Teknologi pada Toko Elektronik dengan Metode Apriori https://journal.yp3a.org/index.php/jdmis/article/view/1718 <p>This <span data-is-focusable="true">study</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">aims</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">to</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">analyze</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">the</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">purchase</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">pattern</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">of</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">technology</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">products</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">in</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">an</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">electronic</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">store</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">using</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">a</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">priori</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">method</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">A</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">priori</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">method</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">is</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">a</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">data</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">analysis</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">technique</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">used</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">to</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">identify</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">associative</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">relationships</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">between</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">various</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">items</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">in</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">a</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">dataset</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">In</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">this</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">study</span><span data-is-focusable="true">,</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">data</span> on <span data-is-focusable="true">purchase</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">transactions</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">of</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">technology</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">products</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">from</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">electronic</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">stores</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">becomes</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">a</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">database</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">to</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">be</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">analyzed</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">The</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">results</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">of</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">this</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">analysis</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">are</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">expected</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">to</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">provide</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">useful</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">insights</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">for</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">electronic</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">stores</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">in</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">developing</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">marketing</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">strategies</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">and</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">managing</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">product</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">stock</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">By</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">knowing</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">common</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">buying</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">patterns</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">between</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">technology</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">products</span>, <span data-is-focusable="true">e</span><span data-is-focusable="true">-</span><span data-is-focusable="true">stores</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">can</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">optimize</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">product</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">placement</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">in</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">stores</span>, <span data-is-focusable="true">compile</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">relevant</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">promotional</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">packages</span><span data-is-focusable="true">,</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">and</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">increase</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">customer</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">satisfaction</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">The</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">research</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">will</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">involve</span> several <span data-is-focusable="true">stages</span>, <span data-is-focusable="true">including</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">preprocessing</span> of <span data-is-focusable="true">data</span> to <span data-is-focusable="true">prepare</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">datasets</span>, <span data-is-focusable="true">implementation</span> of <span data-is-focusable="true">a</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">priori</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">methods</span> to <span data-is-focusable="true">identify</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">patterns</span> of <span data-is-focusable="true">association</span><span data-is-focusable="true">,</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">and</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">analysis</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">of</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">results</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">to</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">provide</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">relevant</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">interpretations</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">Through</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">discussion</span> and <span data-is-focusable="true">conclusion</span>, <span data-is-focusable="true">this</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">study</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">will</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">provide</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">an</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">overview</span> of <span data-is-focusable="true">the</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">implications</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">of</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">research</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">results</span>, <span data-is-focusable="true">recommendations</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">for</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">electronic</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">stores</span><span data-is-focusable="true">,</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">and</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">limitations</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">that</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">may</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">be</span> <span data-is-focusable="true">encountered</span><span data-is-focusable="true">.</span></p> Muhammad Mushleh Gusmelia Testiana Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Mushleh, Gusmelia Testiana https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 1 2 78 82 10.54259/jdmis.v1i2.1718 Tinjauan Terhadap Implementasi Enterprise Architecture: Analisis Perbandingan Studi Kasus Industri Kesehatan https://journal.yp3a.org/index.php/jdmis/article/view/1865 <p style="font-weight: 400;"><em>This paper discusses the review of the implementation of EA (Enterprise Architecture) in the healthcare industry through a comparative analysis of case studies using two frameworks namely TOGAF ADM and Zachman. The purpose of writing this paper is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation of each case study, as well as provide an understanding of the use of frameworks in the health industry. The type of analysis in this paper is a qualitative analysis using five papers containing case studies from different health companies which implement the ADM and Zachman TOGAF framework. The results of the analysis show that the two frameworks have different approaches in dealing with certain challenges and needs of the healthcare industry. In addition, there is the use of a matrix, namely the TOGAF framework which aims to provide an overview of the relationships and dependencies between the elements of the two frameworks. After doing the analysis and matrix, it can be concluded that the two frameworks are able to influence EA in the health industry. Thus, making it easier for companies to plan, design, manage, and implement enterprise architecture in an effective and efficient manner.</em></p> Carissa Chandra Jian Young Jodie Salim Karen Onggie Kimberly Vinson Andriano Copyright (c) 2023 Carissa Chandra, Jian Young, Jodie Salim, Karen Onggie, Kimberly, Vinson Andriano https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 1 2 83 94 10.54259/jdmis.v1i2.1865 Prediksi Data Produksi Menggunakan Regresi Linear Sederhana https://journal.yp3a.org/index.php/jdmis/article/view/1956 <p>PT. XYZ <em>is a company engaged in the cold forging of automotive metal parts specialists. Companies must meet distribution needs and are required to make the right decisions in determining production strategies. To do this, companies need quite a lot of information sources to be analyzed further. Which, companies also face difficulties in obtaining strategic information such as sales levels per period or best-selling products. The analytical method uses simple linear regression in the prediction system because simple linear regression analysis can predict time series. The results of the analysis on the Collar 17x10.5x11 product were obtained from predictions from January to December 2020 with an error rate of 3.78%. The Nut AM M12x14x12 product obtained prediction results from January to December 2020 with a rate of 12.53%. The Collst product 23.6x16.3x3 obtained prediction results from January to December 2020 with a rate of 5.43%. For Nipple products from January to December 2020 with a rate of 12.14%</em></p> Segar Napitupulu Novriadi Antonius Siagian Copyright (c) 2023 Segar Napitupulu, Novriadi Antonius Siagian https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 1 2 95 105 10.54259/jdmis.v1i2.1956