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Jurnal ini merupakan jurnal yang dapat akses secara terbuka bagi para Peneliti, Dosen dan Mahasiswa yang ingin mempublikasikan hasil penelitiannya di bidang ilmu pengetahuan teknologi dan sistem informasi.</p> <p align="justify"><strong>Jurnal </strong><strong>Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi</strong> adalah wadah informasi berupa hasil penelitian, studi kepustakaan, gagasan, aplikasi teori dan kajian analisis kritis dibidang perkembangan teknologi terkini yang meliputi bidang sistem informasi, teknologi informasi, rekayasa perangkat lunak, teknik komputer dan ilmu komputer, terbit 2 kali setahun yaitu bulan April dan Oktober.</p> en-US <p>Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms:</p> <ol> <li class="show">Authors retain copyright and grant the journal right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under <a href="" rel="license">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a> that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgment of the work's authorship and initial publication in this journal.</li> <li class="show">Authors are able to enter into separate, additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution of the journal's published version of the work (e.g., post it to an institutional repository or publish it in a book), with an acknowledgment of its initial publication in this journal.</li> <li class="show">Authors are permitted and encouraged to post their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their website) prior to and during the submission process, as it can lead to productive exchanges, as well as earlier and greater citation of published work (Refer to <a href="" rel="license">The Effect of Open Access</a>).</li> </ol> (Romindo) (Angelia Putriana) Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Aplikasi SMS Gateway Berbasis Web Untuk Penyampaian Informasi (Studi Kasus: Sekolah Dasar Negeri Barengan Boyolali) <p>The development of education and the delivery of information is increasingly rapid by utilizing increasingly sophisticated technology. One of them is the use of smartphones which are everywhere. However, not all users have the same reasons because of the sophistication of technology. Like the situation of parents and guardians of students at Barengan Boyolali State Elementary School. Parents of students are comfortable and feel that it is enough to just have a cellphone for calls and SMS because the price of a smartphone and maintenance costs can be said to be expensive due to unfavorable economic conditions and areas where the internet does not reach them. Parents of students are also not familiar with the systems available on smartphones such as WA chat, Telegram and other information providers. This makes it increasingly difficult for schools and committees to communicate and convey information to students' parents. So, given the conditions of parents and guardians of students, using a web-based SMS Gateway with gammu is the right solution. This research was conducted to facilitate the delivery of real-time school information by analyzing problem data using the pieces method, forming an application design using the waterfall method as a research flow to meet needs so that the web-based SMS Gateway application with gammu is successful in reducing missed information and it is hoped that parents of students will follow up. quickly and precisely.</p> Wahyu Nurjali, Ina Sholihah Widiati, Sri Widiyanti Copyright (c) 2023 Wahyu Nurjali, Ina Sholihah Widiati, Sri Widiyanti Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Perancangan Sistem Informasi Perpustakaan Negeri Pelangi Berbasis Website <p><em>Technological developments make the need for appropriate technology a main thing in public services. Likewise with the Pelangi State Library which is located in Podosugih, Pekalongan City. Currently the Pelangi State Library needs a Library Information System that can be used as a means of borrowing and borrowing books at the library. A system based on a website to make it easier for users to access access anywhere. A library information system that has 2 actors, namely library staff or admin who can add members and also list books. Apart from admins, there are also user actors, namely library book borrowers who can fill in their own lists of borrowing and returning books independently. Therefore, a library information system was created using Unifield Modeling Language (UML) design. From the existing design, a Rainbow State Library Information System has been designed. The Information System has also been tested using black box testing and shows that the system built is in accordance with the system design that has been created.</em></p> Fenilinas Adi Artanto Copyright (c) 2023 Fenilinas Adi Artanto Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Absensi Guru dan Staff di MA Taruna Teknik Aljabbar Berbasis Android dengan Metode Qr Code Menggunakan Kodular <p><em>Attendance system reports are very important in various institutions, whether companies, factories, hospitals or educational institutions, where attendance reports are an important assessment of a person's work results or discipline. The school attendance system is no exception, where we can assess the attendance of teachers and staff which is very much needed and has even become one of the main priorities for giving grades to teachers and staff.</em> <em>Based on the results of an interview with the Head of the Al Jabbar Technical Cadets on 23 August 2022. Mr. Indra Sakti Siagian, S.Pd as Kamad explained that the existing system is in the form of manual attendance, namely using books, a system that still has weaknesses that are vulnerable to being torn, lost and damaged and it really takes a long time to recap attendance data so that attendance reports are not produced on time,</em><em> This system development method starts from the analysis, design, coding, testing and support stages. Meanwhile, several methods in the data collection process were observation and interviews. The result of this research is an attendance application that utilizes Qr Code and was developed with the Kodular platform. And it can be concluded that the Teacher/Staff attendance system using Qr Code at the Al Jabbar Engineering Taruna MA really helps the Principal in monitoring Teacher/Staff attendance and facilitates the teaching and learning process and improves the quality of the SDM at the Al-Jabbar Taruna MA.</em></p> Riski Pardomuan Siregar, Faizin Ridho Copyright (c) 2023 Riski Pardomuan Siregar, Faizin Ridho Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Sistem Pakar Perancangan Instalasi Listrik dengan Delphi 7 <p><em>This research is motivated by the lack of optimal learning in the Electrical Power Installation subject by using a whiteboard as a learning medium. This research is a type of development research which aims to produce a product design in the form of a Borland Delphi 7 based expert system which will be used in the Electrical Power Installation subject. This learning media contains material on electrical power installations and an expert system for determining power needs, security and light points. This research was conducted in July 2021 at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. The design for developing this learning media follows the ADDIE stages (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). Validation of this expert system includes content validation and design validation. Based on the results of data analysis, it is known that the expert system developed in this research has very high validity values in the two aspects assessed. For material validity it is 3.61 and media validation is 3.6 so it can be concluded that this expert system can be declared suitable for use to support learning.</em></p> Bagus Dwi Cahyono, Gigih Priyogi Copyright (c) 2023 Bagus Dwi Cahyono, Gigih Priyogi Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pengaruh Faktor Harga, Lokasi Serta Citra Merek Terhadap Kepuasan Konsumen Membeli Perumahan di Citraland Celebes <p><em>One important component of people's welfare is owning a house. Every family now faces the pressure of meeting the main priorities, namely food and clothing or having a decent home for their own family as a result of increasingly advanced times and rapid population growth. This research aims to determine the influence of price, location and brand image on consumer satisfaction when they buy a house in Citraland Celebes Makassar. Currently, a house is not only one of the main human needs but also a determinant of social status in society, so many people are trying to have a nice house. Apart from that, a house can also be used as an investment item if it has a strategic location so that many people have more than one house in various locations as their assets in the future. The population taken for this research were people who bought houses in the Blue Aqua Citraland Cluster, which was determined using a sample of 54 (fifty four) people and the Slovin system. Questionnaires and literature collected systematically and randomly based only on research objectives were used as a serial recording technique. The research used is quantitative descriptive research with a record analysis method using multiple linear regression and validity testing.</em></p> Romansyah Sahabudin, Muhammad Irsyad, Zulfajry Al Syafaat, Nova Anggreani, Miftahul Iman Copyright (c) 2023 Romansyah Sahabudin, Muhammad Irsyad, Zulfajry Al Syafaat, Nova Anggreani, Miftahul Iman Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Analisis Penerimaan Cryptocurrency dan Instrumen dengan Menggunakan Unified Theory of Acceptance dan Use of Technology (UTAUT) <p><em>Cryptocurrency is one of the recent innovation and technological instrument that begins with the invention of Bitcoin in 2009. The Unified Theory of Technology Acceptance or UTAUT framework for short, is one of the model available to use regarding technological acceptance by mankind. The UTAUT framework is used to describe what might push somebody to accept and use new technologies based on available varia bles given by default by the framework. Using UTAUT’s model, we can design questions on a questionnaire based directly on those available variables. This research is done with the goal of knowing what actually motivate the citizen of Medan to accept and use cryptocurrency in their lives. Using 87 data collected from questionnaire, with 30 used as sample for data testing and the remaining 57 for data training on SPSS Statistics 25, an application developed by IBM Corp. (International Business Corporation), we will find out about validity, reliability, normality, and linear regression. The results obtained of those data are valid and reliable, with the variable of Y being affected by the variable of X1 and X4, while X2 and X3 do not, and 14.9% of those variabl e variations affect Y, while 85.1% were external variables not included in this research.</em></p> Fernand William Citra, Ade Maulana Copyright (c) 2023 Fernand William Citra, Ade Maulana Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Penerapan Data Mining dengan Metode K-Nearest Neighbor untuk Memprediksi Penjualan Aksesoris Aquarium <p><span class="fontstyle0">PT. Surya Jaya Aquarium is an industry engaged in the sale of various types of aquarium accessories, such as aquarium machines, filter media, aquarium lights. Currently, PT. Surya Jaya Aquarium often lacks certain items when ordering goods from customers. Meanwhile, there is often an excess of other goods at the same time due to a lack of orders from customers. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out the process of predicting product sales at the company, so that the process of controlling product orders can be carried out. To carry out the prediction process, the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm can be applied. The purpose of this algorithm is to classify new objects using features and training data samples. The data used in this study is sales data for aquarium accessories products sourced from sales for the last 3 years from 2020, 2021 and 2022 originating from PT. Surya Jaya Aquarium. After that the data is selected and will be used to be processed in predicting sales of aquarium accessories for the next period. The K-Nearest Neighbor technique is used in this study to model data that has been prepared using the Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) stage. From the results of the tests carried out, information was obtained that the error rate (error) from the sales prediction results was 6,196%</span> </p> Yudhistira Adhitya, Charles Chaywin Copyright (c) 2023 Yudhistira Adhitya, Charles Chaywin Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Perancangan Aplikasi Pencarian Fasilitas Kesehatan ‘Find Medical’ dengan Menggunakan Metode Haversine dan Algoritma Dijkstra <p><em>Currently, technology is rapidly advancing, enabling communication to be done with anyone, anywhere. The sophistication of this technology can be utilized to address issues in various fields, particularly in the healthcare sector, as healthcare is one of the most influential aspects of human life. One common problem in the healthcare sector is the lack of evenly distributed information about healthcare services, leading to difficulties for individuals in finding suitable healthcare facilities. Therefore, this research aims to develop an application called "Find Medical" as a solution to facilitate the public in searching for healthcare services that meet their needs. In this study, the Haversine method and Dijkstra's algorithm are employed to recommend the nearest healthcare services based on the user's location. The research objectives are to design the "Find Medical" application and analyze the accuracy of the employed methods. The "Find Medical" application is developed using the Laravel framework. Based on the testing results, the majority of respondents agree that the application is effective in addressing the inefficient healthcare information retrieval system. Additionally, the Haversine formula and Dijkstra's algorithm implemented in the application provide accurate recommendations with a precision rate of 90%. Therefore, the "Find Medical" application can be an effective and efficient solution for individuals seeking appropriate healthcare services.</em></p> Elrico Tanto Jaya, Ade Maulana, Jefri Junifer Pangaribuan Copyright (c) 2023 Elrico Tanto Jaya, Ade Maulana, Jefri Junifer Pangaribuan Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Aplikasi Toko Online Berbasis Web Studi Kasus Pada Cilla Shop <p><em>Cilla shop stores that are engaged in sales, promotions and technology as well as waiters that make it easier for customers to make transactions can be a supporting factor in achieving sales success. In order to facilitate it all can be realized with an online store (E-Commerce). The built online store application aims to help the "Cilla Shop" store in terms of product marketing and sales. The process of making this program begins by analyzing the existing system in the store, then creating UML (Unified Modeling Language) and the necessary tables followed by designing the interface and making the program. This online shop application uses the programming language PHP, MySQL as a database, Sublime Text as an HTML editor. This application has three main functions. First, for customers/general users, each website visitor can view the product catalog, use website services, but cannot place product orders. The second is members who can order products. Finally, the administrator can manage product data, manage orders and obtain reports.</em></p> Pitri, M. Syafiuddin Usman Copyright (c) 2023 Pitri, M. Syafiuddin Usman Sat, 28 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0000